Friday, February 10, 2012



There were stars
before the sky was turned black by war guns
of alien armies who came to put flame to
the land, searing scars of inhumanity and greed.

The echoes still roar -
hollow eyed sockets
of false reality still see those rockets,
scorching the earth with titles
of manifest destiny, against
they stood,
they who are we
Indigenous Peoples

The stars will
return in the sky.

Tupac Enrique Acosta


The concept of title in relation to land is a mythological construct, in which the world view of cultural identity is embedded and perpetuated across generations. 

The simple reason is of course that the land is eminence itself, preexisting and outlasting any human society.  The relationship with the land, with the material world which emerges from the land, is then defined and evidenced by the traditional systems of inheritance and identity which perpetuate these teachings to the generations of the future. This is universal for all societies, but it is the traditional Indigenous Peoples from around the globe that create identity by ecological relationships to the constellations of families, mountains, rivers, deserts, nations, oceans and stars that define our homelands in the universe.

The societies of the European-American settlers do not.

The present systems of the United States and other governments states of the hemisphere which derive their justifications for jurisdiction over the land on the Divine Right of Kings to Dominion over the Earth and its Peoples, is pure myth.  Or better said, it is false myth -- a dead story with no teaching to teach but only a power grab to justify. 

It cannot even hold coherence before the science of its own culture, now finally clarified that matter-energy are aspects of relationship to life, with automatic inflection by the world view of each clan, family, tribe, community, nation, and culture.

To claim ownership by land title today in view of the above is the equivalent of proclaiming that the world is flat. It is the position of a lost world, and a false reality.  It is an empire with no clothes.

Tupac Enrique Acosta

Tlazolli : the sacred weaving of elements, our tie to Tonantzin –Our Sacred Mother Earth, the umbilical cord that connects Heaven and Earth (Mexico). It is what the religions of the world call love and the scientists call gravity.

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  1. Tupac: That's why we've had that discussion that Mother Earth has no rights. That's a Euro/Western construction... it is for the very reason you state here... Mother Earth, minimally grants rights - dispenses rights... as human beings, we have a responsibility to protect our Mother...

    great work