Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yolohuitzcalotl: Quetzalcoatl

One of the key celestial bodies of our Tonal Machiotl (Aztec Calendar) is Venus, Earth's "twin" planet which orbits the Sun in a direction opposite Earth. Every 584 days Venus overtakes Earth's and shifts its rising from the west to the east. This transformation is know in the Tradition as the return of Quetzalcoatl, when the Evening Star becomes the Morning Star.
This year we were lucky to be able to see this shift during a 100 plus year cycle of Venus known as a Transit and that it coincides with the Sun in alignment with the black hole at the center of the galaxy, an event that happens every 5,125 years.  From the pyramid, just before sunset we witnessed a dark little ball enter the belly of the sun, move across from right to left, and then both bodies slowly sink into the west. Next morning Venus rose in the east as the Morning Star. This happening was also part of a time in which our ancestors chose to measure the end/start of the Hue Teoxihuitl or "Great Year", a cycle of nearly 26,000 years.

Please let me remind you that on August 12 will be the 5,125 year annivesary of this "era", the time in which people of central Mexico had established a civilization project based on our covenant with teocentli, the Spirit of Corn---which changed from being a sprout looking plant to a tall carrizo-type species giving us cobs of teozintli of seven colors. On this night every year the meteorite showers appears to fall over Cygnus, the constellation representing our Tree of Life.
This will be our fourth celestial cycle as part of "2012", the time during which several sky and Earth cycles occur during the same year span. During this time the Pleiades (7 star cluster) is entering the galactal womb (location of the black hole) just above the Milky Way center line where they will meet the Sun, then on the morning of December 21, the sunrise will be the "tying" of these cycles and entrance into a new era.
Earth herself is undergoing important cycles that will alter her body, climate, and seasons. She will be at a midpoint of a 48,000 years cycle in which her orbit expands into an elliptical (oval) and near circular orbit. At the end of this cycle, Winter and Summer switch places. She will also be at a midpoint of a 26,000 year cycle in which the tropics (Cancer and Capricorn) shrink and expand. We are on a shrinkage phase. This cycle drastically alters climate and weather. Mostly likely our ancestors "synchronize" the tracking of these cycles with the celestial ones.
This knowledge is by no means complete and there are those who know even much more. Please believe that what i share is driven by  sincere desire for all of us to grow in the knowledge of the ancients who were able to construct a civilization based on a natural way of Life.

Tlazo, Carlos Aceves (Yolohuitzcalotl)