Friday, June 5, 2015

La Consigna de Anahuac

The Resonance of Equilibrium

HUITZILOPOCHTLI stands on the third, the highest level of the TEOCALLI (la piramide) and surveys the quadrant of the cosmos that is home to humanity.  Under his feet a mighty force that originates from a great fire within the heart of Tonantzin, anchors him, embraces him with a power that is beyond time.  It is what the religions of the world call love and the scientists call gravity.

From this foundation arises TEZCATLIPOCA, constructing himself in four aspects – the first level of the Teocalli.

Besides recalling the four previous suns or cultural epochs of the Nahuatl civilization, these four attributes reflect the facets of human perception in terms of the sum of relationships.  Arising from the awareness of our earthbound context, the human personality is molded as a result of the interaction of duality, and the tension between two absolutes. 

  • The duality is that of the self and others, the individual and human society, the feminine and masculine, the family and the generations – both past and future.

  • The first absolute that of the creation itself, with the human being an integral conscious participant and which although she remains a mystery, the universe is not a secret.

  • The other absolute is that of the unknown, all that lies beyond the realm of human understanding or perception.  Embedded in the precept of Ometeotl, the these relationships as regarded holistically as complementary and not oppositional, with interwoven values of  nahui ollin: symmetry and diversity, science and mystery. 

QUETZALCOATL appears arriving from the East, the direction of light and life, radiant with the energy of creation.  Quetzalcoatl is charged with the task of ordering with the intelligence that is humankind’s exceptional characteristic the apparent chaos.  His instrument is the Wind with which he clears a path for the arrival of TLALOCTEKUTLI who brings the rain of time, activating the seed planted by Quetzalcoatl.

The seed is the principle of harmony, the resonance of equilibrium as the MEXICAYOTL Way of Life that reverberates echoing the solar wind itself to create a reality allowing for the development of the full human potential.  The second level of the teocalli is constructed and the ceremony is born.

Huitzilopochtli looks to the West.  It is in that direction that he senses his spirit will depart from this world.  As he gazes towards the heavens, in spite of the powerful attraction of Tonantzin, a sense of nostalgia and profound longing spark him into his characteristic personality mode – action

The bow of Dream Memory is drawn, his thoughts as arrows he lets fly seeking the Quetzalmazatl: the hunt is for knowledge and wisdom.   He moves to the drum of a great heart beat, the Nahui Ollin. He sings, he dances, and then finally, he flies. 

© Tupac Enrique Acosta 2004


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Canal Toltecayotl: El Origin de la Virgen de Guadalupe


Canal Toltecayotl

El Origin de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Canal Toltekayotl

El Origen de la Virgen de Guadalupe, descripción, sierra de Guadalupe, Tepeyac, Culto prehispánico, apariciones, contradicciones, fuentes documentales y Matlalkueye y Chalchiu´tlikue.

 Codice Teotenantzin
El llamado Codice de Teotenantzin es uno de los testimonios históricos más intrigantes de los relieves esculpidos en las peñas de la Cuenca de México durante el Posclasico tardio.  Muchas son las incógnitas y las controversias que giran en torno a su nombre, su confección y su contenido.  Aún así, los estudiosos de la religión mesoamericana y de las transformaciones que ésta experimentó tras la conquista española coinciden en acordarle un gran valor, pues lo consideran la unica evidencia grafica del culto a deidades femeninas en la zona del Tepeyac con anterioridad al fenómeno guadalupano.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Canal Toltekayotl El Origen de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Canal Tolteka: El Origen de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Circle of Purpose

In the summer of 1990, a small delegation of Indigenous Peoples living in the O’Odham territories of Arizona traveled to Quito, Ecuador to participate in the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations, Pueblos and Organizations.  There the legend and the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor was revealed among all our relations gathered around the sacred fire, and to the entire world.  At that historic gathering, the trajectory of the continental indigenous movement of Abya Yala was set in motion, which led to the convening of a Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations, Pueblos and Organizations in Temoaya, Mexico in 1993, followed by the First International Indigenous Summit of the Continental Commission of Indigenous Nations and Organizations (CONIC) in the year 2000 held at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

It was Staff keeper Gerald One Feather and the representatives of the Oceti Sakuwin Seven Council Fires Dakota Nakota Lakota who in 2000 led the ceremony at Teotihuacan that established the Treaty of Teotihuacan as a mutual commitment at the hemispheric level among the participating Indigenous Nations and Pueblos, an act of collective self definition and self determination in accord with the protocols and principles of jurisprudence of the Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala.
The Second Continental Summit Abya Yala returned to Quito in 2004, followed by the Third Continental Indigenous Summit Abya Yala in 2007 held at Iximche, Guatemala and hosted by the Maya Nations.  A Fourth Continental Indigenous Summit convened in Puno, Peru in May 2009.

The Fifth Continental summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nations was realized on November 10-16, 2013 in the Cauca Territories of Colombia.

In these moments of collective reflection as Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of the continent Abya Yala, a full cycle becomes complete to form a Circle of Purpose that is indomitable, which resonates on to the future generations of Ixachitecameh, the Nican Tlacah of Ixachitlan:

We, the Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala.

In this trajectory of memories and history, it has been an honor and privilege, a responsibility and great sense of fulfillment to have been consistently accompanying this continental process of Indigenous Self Empowerment and Self Determination from Quito in 1990 up to the event in Colombia November 2013. A sixth summit in now in planning, whose location was named as Honduras in the summit of 2013. 

We have come far, and we have far yet to go, but in the end we always turn and return, homeward bound towards the Horizons of Tradition and Liberation.

In the spirit of Self Determination of the Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala and the Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor.

Declaration of Quito 1990
Declaration of Temoaya 1994
Declaration of Teotihuacan 2000
Declaration of Kito, 2004
Declaration Iximche
Declaration Puno Pero
Declaration of Maria Piendamo, Cauca

Friday, December 27, 2013



There were stars
before the sky was turned black
by war guns
of alien armies who wished to put
flame to
the land, searing scars of
inhumanity and greed.
The echoes still roar
hollow eyed sockets
of false reality still see those rockets,
scorching the earth with titles
of manifest destiny, against
they stood,
they who are we
Indigenous Peoples
The stars will
return in the sky.

Tupac Enrique Acosta



The concept of title in relation to land is a mythological construct, in which the world view of cultural identity is embedded and perpetuated across generations.

The simple reason is of course that the land is eminence itself, preexisting and outlasting any human society.  The relationship with the land, with the material world which emerges from the land, is then defined and evidenced by the traditional systems of inheritance and identity which perpetuate these teachings to the generations of the future. This is universal for all societies, but it is the traditional Indigenous Peoples from around the globe that create identity by ecological relationships to the constellations of families, mountains, rivers, deserts, nations, oceans and stars that define our homelands in the universe.

The societies of the European-American settlers do not.

The present systems of the United States and other governments states of the hemisphere which derive their justifications for jurisdiction over the land on the Divine Right of Kings to Dominion over the Earth and its Peoples, is pure myth.  Or better said, it is false myth -- a dead story with no teaching to teach but only a power grab to justify.

It cannot even hold coherence before the science of its own culture, now finally clarified that matter-energy are aspects of relationship to life, with automatic inflection by the world view of each clan, family, tribe, community, nation, and culture.

To claim ownership by land title today in view of the above is the equivalent of proclaiming that the world is flat. It is the position of a lost world, and a false reality.  It is an empire with no clothes.

Tupac Enrique Acosta

TLAZOLLI is the sacred weaving of elements, our tie to Tonantzin - Our Sacred Mother Earth - that connects Heaven:Earth like an umbilical cord weaving sacred realities known as: Mexico.  It is what the religions of the world call love and the scientists call gravity. 

The following is a transcription of the intervention submitted to the United States Government representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland in 1987. It is being offered here as an initiative of the Archives of Aztlan.

In Geneva in 1987, we met with traditional leaders from the Indigenous Peoples of South Africa, chieftains of the Zulu who were living in exile in Switzerland due to their trade union activism. We discussed the points that we were bringing forward and compared our histories and knowledge. Upon reading our position paper which called for the reopening of the question of integration of the territories within the bounds of the US control in light of the current international instruments and protocols for decolonization, these leaders immediately drafted a parallel document that exposed as identical the legal tactics of the British-Boer regimes to those of the British-American techniques of colonization.

 Archives of Aztlan: Tlahtokan Izkalotl

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tlahcuepayoliztli: La Palabra de La Autoridad Tradicional de Santa Maria Ocotan, Durango

Encuentro Internacional de Pueblos O'dam
Durango, Mexico
15-17 agosto 2013
Sonora - Chihuahua - Durango - Arizona

"Las Tres Voces de Durango"