Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sacred Symmetry: Chicuei Ollin - Eight Movement

Chicuei Ollin

Eight Movement

Tonal Machiotl
On September 22 the first sunrise of Fall blessed us.  The equinoxes, Fall and Spring, divide the day roughly in half, a manifestation of the creative duality (Ometeotl).
Thirteen days after each equinox is another manifestation of this sacred symmetry.  At sunrise on Thurday October 6 Earth will be the same distance from the Sun as it is 13 days after the Spring equinox. 

This event, termed "equihelions" by maestro Arturo Meza, has been part of the natural calendars of this continent for thousands of years. Interestingly, currently not even NASA makes them part of their astronomy.
They are important because there are 8 Earth orbital events that create conditions so that the creative forces of Sun, Moon, and Earth can form Life on this, on Mother Earth such as creating seasonal changes, weather, ground and sky flow of water, and decomposition becoming fertile material.  On the Aztec Calendar these 8 points are marked by the sets of arrows, four with curving ends and four with just pointers.

Equinoxes, solstices, equihelions, and the perihelion (when Earth is closer to the Sun) and aphelion (when Earth is farthest from the Sun) link the human gestation cycle (260+13=273) to the movement of Earth in relation to "her husband", the Sun, with grandmother Moon setting the cycles of life reproduction on Mother Earth.

Human creation in the womb is marked by 5 key events (nesting, heart creation, brain creation, entrance of the tonalli, and water breaking for birth) over a period that can be divided into nine stages of 273 days. The 5 is also correlated with the five fingers of our hand which allow us to be "little creators", the five crossings of Venus across the Sun (that always comes in pairs every 100 years or so), and the five patterns of Venus that repeat every eight years. 

The Aztec/Maya Calendar is synchronize around five main celestial phenomena: Earth, Moon, Sun, Venus, and the Pleiedes constellation.  Our Creation story is embedded the motion of 13 star groups (constellations) over a period of a year. Particularly interesting is that the Medicine (peyote) contains those patterns in her growth: 5, 8, the 13 ridges.

This knowledge, and more importantly, our application of it guides us to be more natural creatures, aware that we are subject to the same laws of Creation as other forms.  It is also an important to create a conscious that is scientific as much as it is spiritual.
Carlos Aceves, Yolohuitzcalotl 

Pachacutic Kundur Anka

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