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Architectures of the States and the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth

The architectures of the States and their Agreements are insufficient, incompetent, and unrepresentative of our political will and our self determination as Peoples of Mother Earth to address the systemic causes of climate change with the necessary holistic and equitable approach that is necessary to avoid ecosystem collapse and TERRACIDE.

As Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth, we collectively determine to regenerate our relationships among ourselves within a Cultural Climate of Mutual Respect, Inclusion, Complementarity, and Self Determination beyond the existing constrains of the international systems of state sovereignty and in responsibility to the well being of the future generations;

Recognizing that unless this fundamental dimension of international relationships among human societies at the planetary level is first recognized, established and affirmed, there will be no sustainable progress in addressing effectively and in timely manner the Climate Chaos scenario that now befalls all of Humanity due to the impacts on Global Climate exacerbated greenhouse gas emissions by industrial society and extractive industries in particular in complicity with national government states and existing international monetary systems and institutions.

Therefore we proclaim and hereby reaffirm in collective Responsibility as Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth, in Equality with all Peoples, our collective Right of Representation and Self Determination in addressing the issues of the planetary climate crisis which threatens humanity beyond the constraints of the architecture of the States and their agreements;

We further affirm and proclaim in Full, Effective, and Complete exercise of our equally shared Right of Self Determination as Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth, that our Sacred Mother Earth is subject of the Right of Self Determination beyond the limited juridical constraints of the Westphalian System of State Sovereignty represented in UN system and the international architectures of personality and procedures of negotiation and agreements;




In fulfillment of our shared mandate of responsibilities to the Future Generations and taking DIRECT ACTION to realize the DECOLONIZATION of MOTHER EARTH,

We declare our INTERDEPENDENCE and Solidarity as Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth and call for the recognition, respect, and protection for the particular and integral constituencies of our Peoples of Mother Earth as represented in our responsibilities to the Watersheds, the Earth:Waters and Single Sea (hydrosphere) of the planet, beyond the disjointed and corrupt constraints of the Westphalian System of State Sovereignty represented in the UN system and the present international architectures of personality and procedures of negotiation and agreements;

Such principles of Recognition, Respect and Protection to then be instituted to address the corollary ecological responsibilities as inscribed in the climate issues of the inter-relationships of the Wind:Sun, namely Mother Earth's atmospheric and planetary energetic systems, both natural and technological, including greenhouse gas emissions.

In furtherance of which we affirm and now proclaim our mutual commitment to defend and protect the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth as a fundamental tenet of International Law which integrates the Right of Self Determination of the Nations of Indigenous Peoples to intervene in the defense of Mother Earth and to take necessary corrective action in exercise of the right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent in defense of their territories and nations.

Embassy of Indigenous Peoples



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Decolonization and Indigenous Self Determination

Decolonization and Indigenous Self Determination
Descolonización y Libre Determinación

June 22, 2021
Interview with Tupac Enrique Acosta, Huehuecoyotl
Rapid City in the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty Territories

Archives of Aztlan

January 4, 1994 Letter to Mexican President Salinas de Gortari

It must be mentioned as well that the proposals for a NAFTA trade corridor which would traverse the territories of the Tohono O’Odham Nation in the region of Sonora/Arizona were never submitted for consideration by the Tohono O’Odham peoples who would be most affected.

Sr.  Presidente, we also take this opportunity to express our concern regarding the unilateral action which you have taken regarding the recognition of Indigenous Codices as valid documentation for the protection of aboriginal land titles in Mexico.  It is our understanding that under the Law of Agrarian Reform, these indigenous documents were admitted as valid and enforceable until your office issued a presidential decree in 1992 unilaterally abrogating this indigenous right to primordial titles.  This development cannot but be seen as another deliberate effort to undermine the land base of the aboriginal sovereignties of Mexico, and an element of the instability in Chiapas.


January 1, 2019

Self Determination and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the New NAFTA Trade Zone of North America [Canada-US-Mexico]

With the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP 2007) which affirms the international right of Indigenous Peoples to Self Determination, equal to all other peoples, the purported claims of dominion of the colonial states over the inherent human rights of the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Anáhuac comes to its demise as a legitimate principle in the rule of International Law. The Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac, Mexico are free to determine their own future in their own terms on their own territories in our continent of the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala.

Since UNDRIP, no state, no matter how benign, can legitimately delegate, define or diminish these collective Indigenous Rights.  It falls to the states to recognize, respect, and institute guarantees for the Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with effective restorative consequences for the violation of these rights.

In this sense, the critical question of historical context that emerged in contrast and contradiction in the Zócalo of Mexico City on December 1 was punctuated by the signing in approval of the final draft text of the USMexicoCanada Agreement 2018 (USMCA) on the evening of November 30, the night before, by exiting Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. The USMCA is being promoted as a revised and “modernized” version of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Just as on January 1, 1994 with the original NAFTA, December 1, 2018 marked the latest updated version of the colonial project of corporate capitalism riding south from the Rancho Grande of North America. Now disguised as a development strategy in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the US-Mexico-Trade Agreement is being unleashed.

Simultaneously, the indigenous resistance to the USMCA is being packaged and delivered to its new political managers, as yet just another commodity to be marketed in the public square, via social media platforms, as long as the corporate colonizing project itself remains on track. AMLO himself reaffirmed this in his speech announcing the decision of his government to ramrod the Maya Train project in the Yucatan which is already set to begin construction. 

Of particular serious concern is the lack of recognition and respect given by AMLO in his inaugural address to the principle of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) regarding economic development projects that impact the territories and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

January 26, 2018

TONATIERRA: Communique and Demand to President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico

Señor Presidente:

It is with growing concern with which we hear of developments in Mexico that give testimony to the degradation of the Territorial Rights and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the country.  We are aware that ever since the adoption of the principle of “Original Property of the Nation” in the Mexican Constitution of 1917 that the “nefarious” principles of the Doctrine of Discovery and the Papal Bulls of Pope Alexander VIInter Caetera” have served to legitimize the usurpation of the territorial rights of the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico under the cultural, political, economic, and legal superstructures of the Spanish invaders who brutally attempted to dominate and colonize Mexico directly for 300 years, until independence in 1821.


Nahuacalli Educators Alliance: DACA and the Doctrine of Discovery

September 16, 2017
Nahuacalli Educators Alliance
DACA Position Statement

Self Determination is an inherent human right. It is not a delegated status to be distributed according to the Machiavellian raison d’état of the state, much less to be assigned or denied upon the whims of this or that political party in power in the capitols of the settler state systems of America whose very presence on our continent of Abya Yala is based upon the globally denounced, repudiated, and racist Doctrine of Discovery of October 12, 1492, embedded in the jurisprudence of the US legal system by the SCOTUS decision Johnson v. M'Intosh (1823), extended continentally by the Monroe Doctrine (1823) and instituted by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (US-Mexico 1848) in violation of the Right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous Peoples, as is once again being now "modernized" in the era of the global Empire of Petropolis by the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (1994-2018).

Faithkeeper Oren Lyons addresses the United Nations General Assembly on the 10th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, calling for an INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom


Desmantelamiento de la Doctrina del Descubrimiento de Cristiandad

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom

Repudiation – Denunciation- Defiance




Gustavo Gutierrez at the Arizona State Capitol


TONATIERRA - Message to Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission:
Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas
November 23, 2020

A comprehensive historical understanding and analysis of the systematic human rights violations against Indigenous Peoples in the Americas [North-Central-South] must necessarily integrate a critical position in regard to the nefarious and racist Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom (October 12, 1492) which continues to be normalized by the successor states across the continent. 


NLG Webinar: "Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery: Decolonization & Indigenous Self-Determination"

PRC/EHRC Webinar Series via Zoom:
Thurs. 6/25 7 pm EST

Guest speaker, Tupac Enrique Acosta from TONATIERRA in Phoenix, Arizona, will speak in this foundational webinar kicking-off our webinar series, laying the groundwork for understanding the importance of decolonization and exploring the impacts of neocolonialism. Discussion on US Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) and forced disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students on September 26, 2014.

Elements of Process: A Dismantling Methodology

1) Information: Search, Research, Intake, Absorb, Share.

2) Consciousness: Develop a personal critical consciousness on the issues which are pervaded by the institutionalization of the Doctrine of Discovery from the local-regional, continental-global context.

3) Reveal: Create a shared community understanding on how the dehumanizing principles of the Doctrine of Discovery are relevant today and continue to provide the cultural framework for the ongoing colonization and genocide of the Original Nations of this continent, the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala.

4) Take a position. Denounce and repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery and the underlying pathological schema of patriarchy: DOMINATION.

5) DISMANTLE: Take action, and follow through with inter-generational decolonization strategies.


Tupac at North with West
"If you want to stay in America you might just get deported back into colonization, however, we're headed toward Liberation!"

Tupac Enrique Acosta

 October 2, 2010 North High School Auditorium, Phoenix, AZ

This preliminary study establishes that the Doctrine of Discovery has been institutionalized in law and policy, on national and international levels, and lies at the root of the violations of indigenous peoples’ human rights, both individual and collective. This has resulted in State claims to and the mass appropriation of the lands, territories and resources of indigenous peoples. Both the Doctrine of Discovery and a holistic structure that we term the Framework of Dominance have resulted in centuries of virtually unlimited resource extraction from the traditional territories of indigenous peoples. This, in turn, has resulted in the dispossession and impoverishment of indigenous peoples, and the host of problems that they face today on a daily basis.

June 9, 2020 
The Murder of George Floyd and The Death of "White" Supremacy 
Whatever may come of the murder of George Floyd, the death of institutionalized American "White" Supremacy must follow: NOW! 

Dismantling the Master's Narrative


The history of transition from a chartered colony of Christendom, to a territory ruled by force of violent invasion by the European American “white” colonizers, to the formation of a polity of statehood and subsequent admission into the union of states called the USA, also required a systemic mechanism to control the allegiances, nationality and citizenship of the constituencies of the new republic as a whole. In the absence of the absolute command of allegiance of the Sovereign, in this case King George of England, the colonies broke from the modus operandi of the cartel of the Divine Right of Kings (Christendom). It became necessary to format the public consciousness in a systematic manner, manufacturing consent for the rationalization and expansion of territorial dominion via political acts of allegiance to the Divine Right of States.
It became necessary to manufacture the mythology of America.


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Ni Conquista, Ni Reconquista “As Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac we are not conquered peoples”



The Sentiment of Anáhuac

August 13, 2021





On August 13, 2021, a set of autonomous events of historical correlation and cosmetric significance are set to be realized by the surviving Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac whose traditional territories in the Northern hemisphere of the continent Abya Yala were the first to be subjected to the initial invasion of the colonizing forces of Christendom beginning on October 12, 1492.


The term Anáhuac refers to the heart of the Nahuatl Nations in cultural and geographic terms, and was also referenced by the Congress of Anáhuac, the first congress in Mexico that that declared independence the Spanish crown in 1813.


The date of August 13, 1521, marks the fall of the last defenses of the Gran Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, before the combined forces of the Spanish Empire under the command of Hernan Cortez along with his allies of other Indigenous Peoples who were in alignment at the time against the Mexica (Aztecs).


Beyond these historical correlations, the cosmetric significance of the date is synchronized by the annual celestial cyclical appearance of the “Cicitlaquiahuitl”, (“Rain of Stars”) also called the Perseid meteor shower which will peak this year in the predawn of August 13, 2021.


The annual appearance of the Cicitlaquiahuitl, in the form of a shower of meteors on Earth each August, also signals a time of cultural reaffirmation and regeneration for the Original Nations of Anahuac. This cosmetric context, which extends in continuity for 5114 years, marks a beginning point in our Creation Story as beings of life, life on earth, human beings of life on earth tied to Mother Earth and each other by the teachings of being People of the Corn.


On August 13, 2021, we call upon all the surviving Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Anahuac to collectively reaffirm to each other and the World at large of Cemanahuac the following principles of legacy and commitment:


·      As Indigenous Peoples of Anahuac, we are not conquered peoples. We reject, refute, and challenge the Master’s Narrative that the claims that the colonizing invasion of the Spanish Conquistadors into our territories is anything more that simply that: an illegal invasion that continues until today in with multinational corporate armor and international trade agreements.  Against this invasion of 500 years, we continue to resist, rebel, and reassert our right of Self Determination as Indigenous Peoples, equal to all other peoples.


·      We repudiate, denounce, defy the violent imposition of the nefarious “Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom (1492)” via the Papal Bulls Inter Caetera (1493), et al as the legaloid basis which the Mexican state claims in order to usurp and violate our territories without moral or legal justification, embodied in the concept of Original Property of the Nation which was instituted nationally with the Constitution of Mexico in 1917;


·      We continue to stand in historical solidarity collectively recalling and reaffirming that the limits of our ancestral territories as Indigenous Peoples and Confederations of Indigenous Nations of Anáhuac are not prescribed under any colonizing or legaloid concept such as the Doctrine of the Discovery of Christendom, nor the international borders imposed with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848);


·      We proclaim the date of August 13, 2021 as the date of a definitive resolution and in the spirit of Self Determination as Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Anáhuac, we will take the necessary actions to realize justice for our Indigenous Peoples, with the purpose of not allowing the passing of yet another 500 more years of the destruction of our Sacred Mother Earth.



April 23, 2021 : Deposition of Tupac Enrique Acosta


Huehuecoyotl Soundcloud:

Language and Empire



Friendly House; et al., Plaintiffs,


Michael B. Whiting; et al., Defendants.

No. CV-10-01061-PHX-JWS




Phoenix, Arizona

September 8, 2014

DEPOSITION OF TUPAC ENRIQUE was taken on September 8, 2014,

Original Nations
in defense of the
Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth


Communiqué to the Vatican:
the Doctrine of Discovery

La Maria Piendamo, Cauca [Colombia]

November 15, 2013


Tlahtokan Izkalotl

Continental Commission Abya Yala



El Sentimiento de Anáhuac

13 de Agosto de 2021



El 13 de agosto de 2021, las Naciones Originarias de los Pueblos Indígenas de Anáhuac sobrevivientes, cuyos territorios tradicionales en el hemisferio norte del continente Abya Yala fueron los primeros en ser sometidos a la invasión inicial de las fuerzas colonizadoras de la Cristiandad a partir del 12 de octubre de 1492 realizarán una serie de eventos autónomos de correlación histórica y significado cosmétrico.


El término Anáhuac se refiere al corazón de las naciones náhuatl en términos culturales y geográficos, y también fue referenciado por el Congreso de Anáhuac, el primer congreso en México que declaró la independencia de la corona española en 1813.


La fecha del 13 de agosto de 1521 marca la caída de las últimas defensas de la Gran Tenochtitlán, hoy Ciudad de México, ante las fuerzas conjuntas del Imperio Español al mando de Hernán Cortés junto a sus aliados de otros Pueblos Indígenas que estaban en alineación en ese momento contra los Mexicas (Aztecas).


Más allá de estas correlaciones históricas, el significado cosmétrico de la fecha está sincronizado por la aparición cíclica celeste anual de la "Cicitlaquiahuitl", ("Lluvia de Estrellas") también llamada lluvia de Meteoros Perseidas, que alcanzará su punto máximo este año antes del amanecer del 13 de agosto. 2021.


La aparición anual del Cicitlaquiahuitl, en forma de lluvia de meteoros en la Tierra cada agosto, también marca un momento de reafirmación cultural y regeneración para las Naciones Originarias de Anáhuac. Este contexto cosmétrico, que se extiende en continuidad por 5114 años, marca un punto de inicio de nuestra Historia de la Creación como seres de vida, vida en la Tierra, Seres Humanos de vida en la Tierra atados a la Madre Tierra y entre sí por las enseñanzas de ser Pueblos del Maíz.


El 13 de agosto de 2021, hacemos un llamado a todas las Naciones Originarias sobrevivientes de los Pueblos Indígenas de Anáhuac a reafirmar colectivamente entre sí y al mundo en general de Cemanahuac los siguientes principios de legado y compromiso:



Como Pueblos Indígenas del Anáhuac, no somos pueblos conquistados. Rechazamos, refutamos y desafiamos la Narrativa del Patrón de que las afirmaciones de que la invasión colonizadora de los conquistadores españoles a nuestros territorios es algo más que simplemente eso: una invasión ilegal que continúa hasta el día de hoy con armaduras corporativas multinacionales y acuerdos comerciales. Contra esta invasión de 500 años, continuamos resistiendo, rebelándonos y reafirmando nuestro derecho a la Libre Determinación como Pueblos Indígenas, iguales a todos los demás pueblos.


Repudiamos, denunciamos, desafiamos la imposición violenta de la nefasta “Doctrina del Descubrimiento de la Cristiandad (1492)” a través de las Bulas Papales Inter Caetera (1493) como base legaloide que el Estado mexicano reclama para usurpar y violar nuestros territorios sin justificación moral o legal, plasmada en el concepto de Propiedad Originaria de la Nación que se instituyó a nivel nacional con la Constitución de México de 1917;


• Seguimos manteniéndonos en solidaridad histórica recordando y reafirmando colectivamente que los límites de nuestros territorios ancestrales como Pueblos Indígenas y Confederaciones de Naciones Indígenas de Anáhuac no están prescritos bajo ningún concepto colonizador o legaloide como la Doctrina del Descubrimiento de la Cristiandad, ni las fronteras internacionales impuestas con el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848);


• Proclamamos la fecha del 13 de agosto de 2021 como la fecha de una resolución definitiva y en espíritu de Autodeterminación como Naciones Originarias de los Pueblos Indígenas de Anáhuac, tomaremos las acciones necesarias para hacer realidad la justicia para nuestros Pueblos Indígenas, con el propósito de no permitir que pasen otros 500 años más de destrucción de nuestra Sagrada Madre Tierra.


Pueblos Originarios
en defensa de la
 Integridad Territorial de la Madre Tierra


Comunicado a la Santa Sede:

La Doctrina del Descubrimiento

La María Piendamó, Cauca [Colombia]

Tlahtokan Izkalotl

Comisión Continental Abya Yala